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There are many artists around the world that demonstrate an undying will to create.  99% of the time it is for nothing in return monetarily.  It's a behavior I liken to a disease, these artists will keep going despite no returns.  Their desire to create is all consuming to the point where there is no time to promote or market what it is they are doing.  Often time these artists are too modest about their work to expose it to the world in any real way. 


There are artists out there that have stacked up assets and in many cases, masterpieces, that will possibly never see the light of day.


Crisp Recording International is here to look world wide for these undiscovered works and make them available to the public for a small download fee.  We promote work from  independent artists that have paid greatly to achieve the quality of work they are producing.  

Crisp Recording International Catalog

Special Limited Edition "Suncrown" Pin

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Title:   Hold Me
Artist:    Caleb Collins
Title:   A Kind Of Knowing
Artist:    Darren Crisp
Title:   All To You
Artist:    Darren Crisp
Info:    Darren Crisp with Hollie Hassell
Title:   I Know Your Heart
Artist:    Darren Crisp
Title:   Believe
Artist:    Suncrown
Info:    Suncrown is an international group of musicians from all over the world collaborating in a unique new media form: Global Music.
Title:   Eyes Of The World
Artist:    Suncrown
Title:   Mondo Quando
Artist:    d Raphael katz
Info:    Sights and Sounds from the Eternal Mind




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